4 Ways to Cope With Work Anxiety

Everyone struggles with stress in their job at some point. Some days are just easier than others. But, it’s important to realize that a little extra stress here and there is vastly different from ‘work anxiety.’ It is absolutely possible to feel anxious everyday at your job, for a variety of different reasons. Whether you’re dealing with an unhealthy work environment, or you feel stuck in your current situation, it can lead to crippling anxiety that won’t only impact your career, but your entire life.

Thankfully, getting the help of a therapist is always an option. They can help you to work through the stressors affecting your work life, and carrying over to the other areas of life. There are also several tips you can use on your own to calm the regular anxieties that might plague you on a daily basis. Use the following ways to cope with work anxiety to get through the day, until you’re able to find the help you really need.

Keep Yourself Busy Around Work

Think about your daily routine. Do you get up at the last possible minute and rush out the door to the office? When you get home, do you feel drained and exhausted, so you just end up watching television or falling asleep? Reevaluating your time outside of work can be important, so you can keep yourself busy. If most of your life is just spent working and resting, it’s easy to continuously get trapped in your thoughts and stresses.
Find something that you enjoy doing outside of work, and stay busy with it as often as possible. When you have something else to look forward to, it can ease the tension you might feel at your job.

Stay Active

It’s been proven that exercise benefits our bodies both physically and mentally. It’s a great way to reduce stress, and get yourself into a healthier mindset before going into a tough situation. Try going on a morning jog before work, or join a gym. Better yet, get a few friends involved regularly for a pickup game of basketball, etc. Regular exercise can lessen anxiety symptoms, clear your head, and allow you to feel a sense of tranquility, even in stressful situations.

Take a Break

There will always be more work to do, and if you’re overwhelming yourself by not seeing an end to it, it can lead to anxious feelings. Take breaks when needed. You can answer that email after a five minute walk. In fact, utilizing a short break time outdoors is even better. Sometimes, it really does benefit to get some fresh air and experience some greenery. It usually only takes a few minutes to feel refreshed again, and far less anxious.

Figure Out What You Can Control

Oftentimes, people feel anxious on the job because it becomes overwhelming, or they feel like they have lost their grasp on their daily tasks. Instead of letting work overtake you, figure out each day what you control, and how you control it. Set up a system for project management, or figure out different tactics to answer emails, etc. Little things like this add up with time, and can make you feel like you have more power over your regular tasks than ever before.

Work can be a battle for the mind each day, especially if you’re prone to stress and anxiety. Use the tips above to give yourself more peace of mind. If you’re still feeling the weight of those anxious thoughts on a regular basis, help is out there.

Dr. Jeffrey Ditzel is a Psychiatrist in New York City and specializes in issues involving Anxiety and Depression.